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The joy of celebration is a beautiful thing! Whether it be appreciating a cat, respecting the planet, learning a new skill or simply remembering to be kind... this calendar is filled with lovely days to create awareness of all the goodness in the world. 


It is predominantly nature based or related with a few celebratory days thrown in just for fun... high five day anyone? With enough space to add your own favourites or new ones you learn about along the way.


The calendar runs from January to December 2024 and is ideal to incorporate into any educational setting aswell as at home. It is based around days celebrated in the UK but also includes many International special dates.


A4 printable delivered straight to your inbox


Please Note: If you have already purchased this in 2023 as an academic year calendar, you are able to buy the additional 4 pages for just £1.25 to complete 2024.

The calendar will run Jan-Dec each year from now onwards. 

Calendar of Special Days 2024 PDF

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