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We all know what an incredibly positive effect being out in nature has on us, which is why we are always looking for opportunities to take learning outdside.


At Blossom & Stardust, we adore the child led approach but also understand that there are a variety of settings where this just isn't possible or, perhaps, we just want to do something a little more structured.... whilst still having fun and getting muddy fingers!


This Maths activity pack is based on the KS1 UK National Curricullum (age 5-6 years) and offers a set of nature based activities adapted to support it.


It is not in any way designed to replace the curricullum but could be a wonderful option to utilise as a Home Education tool or in those instances where you want to simply learn outdoors. 


Example pages are included in the images of this 39 page pack which covers the following topics:


Place Value within 10

Adding & Substracting within 10

Part/Whole Model

2D Shapes

3D Shapes

Height & Length







Maths in Nature PDF

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