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A special space to inspire nature exploration & connection and record the everchanging magic.


Gaze at bright stars on a dark winters night, look out for the subtle signs of spring, marvel at the buzzing summer bees and run through golden, crunchy autumn leaves. What do you see, what to you smell, how do you feel?


A printable version of this beautiful workbook filled with activities, information and prompts to inspire exploration and connection with the world around you. Perfect to print and go when you need an inspiring activity idea to complement your nature walk in any season. 


Take nature walks throughout the year and select a seasonal topic to focus on of your choice until your year long collection is complete.


Print in one go as a workbook to complete or print off pages as an when you need them. 


Includes extracts from the monthly subscription studies plus new activities. Ideal for ages 3-10 years with varying levels of parental input.  

66 pages on A4 size paper.

*PDF* My Nature Journal

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