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A beautful set of 3 full nature studies to journey through June, July & August.


The perfect way to introduce the new season and witness it in real time as it unfolds and leads into the next. Designed to be taken out year after year and develop more in depth projects from the activities to suit a variety of ages from toddler to tween.


Includes 3 fully immersive nature study packs to download and keep based around the following topics:





Woodland in Summertime


Each pack is between 12 & 16 pages and filled with a mix of facts, activities, crafts, games and inspiration with the aim to learn all about the wonder of nature throughout summer.


Individual nature study packs are sold separately at £4.99 each or the full 1 year set of 12 for £39.99.



This pack contains nature studies that have been and will be included in the monthly subscription option (from May '23 through to April '24 to complete a one year cycle)

SUMMER Nature Study Set PDF

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